The SLTC Story

This happened really fast.

In the Fall of 2018 some talented people coalesced around an idea—great marketing teams should be available to unlock great ideas, period. One year and 20+ clients later, let's just say it's on.


Our boutique agency is a collective of marketing consultants who are subject matter experts. Combined, we have well over 100+ years of experience and have won numerous industry awards for our work. We are passionate about the digital landscape and stay at the forefront of innovation. We are teachers, coaches and avid practitioners—but most of all, we are committed to delivering results for our clients.

Sharon Lee Thony

Founder & Principal

Sharon is a brand management executive and digital marketing expert, with nearly two decades of experience creating award-winning marketing campaigns for travel, beauty and lifestyle brands. She teaches Digital Marketing at General Assembly and has earned a BA from New York University and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Client Relationship Manager

Corinne is passionate about collaborative problem-solving and client satisfaction. She believes that effective communication and strategic workflows are the foundations of success and focuses on using these pillars to build, maintain, and strengthen client and consultant relationships. Corinne has an MA in Communications & Media.

Mallory Strawn

Head of Business & Operations

Mallory worked in advertising and tech start-ups for 10 years before joining SLTC. Most recently she led business intelligence initiatives for a SaaS marketing start-up based in Los Angeles, CA. She loves all things operations and believes in working smarter, not harder.

Jackie Ayala

Email Strategy

Jackie helps D2C businesses with high-level email strategy and copywriting to generate sales on repeat. She has 5 years digital marketing experience and 6 years email marketing experience. In the past year, she has begun specializing in working with brands using Klaviyo + Shopify. With Jackie, you'll never have to worry about sending a spammy email again!

Amera LuLu

Creative & Art Direction

Creative Soul turned Art Director who is passionate about storytelling and making an impact through design. Some of her past clients include Colgate, Samsung, Gerber, and Ikea. She was named by The Drum as one of the top 50 under 30 emerging creative females in the US, and Advertising Week ”Future is Female” award semi-finalist.

Jhanay Williams

Paid Social

Jhanay is a social media advertising specialist, with several years of experience managing campaigns for travel, hospitality, and lifestyle brands including Lufthansa, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and Alliance for Downtown NY. She has a BA from Furman University and an MA from The American University of Paris. She loves visiting art shows and used bookstores in Brooklyn.

Maia Hariton

Website Design & Development

Maia Hariton is a web designer and a developer whose aesthetic approach is minimalism with a hint of fun. She designs exciting brands and websites for various businesses with a specific approach to onboarding that provides personalized training.

Anke Van Reeth

WordPress Designer & Developer

Anke is a Belgian designer and developer with over 10 years of experience with WordPress. She has worked in several agencies and with a multitude of clients around the world.

Anke has a knack for brand identity and user experience. She’s skilled with Photoshop and Sketch, has strong development skills, and builds custom WordPress themes based on her designs. She currently lives in Sicily with her Italian partner and two kids.

Kassie Phillips

Head of Client Strategy

Kassie has deep knowledge and expertise in digital strategy and performance marketing. She is passionate about developing the ideal e-commerce experience, and  loves to help brands build and strengthen their voice and community online. She has worked with brands like Bacardi, WelleCo, Erica Weiner, Indie Lee, Bonnie Jean, Facebook.

Chelsea Bradley.jpeg
Chelsea Bradley

Social Media Strategist

Chelsea is a social media strategist with 13+ years of experience in paid and organic social media strategy and community management with a large roster of clients in all spaces. From strategy and copywriting to content creation, she enjoys doing it all. She is passionate about brands having a real, human presence on social - not posting and ghosting.

Nina Shapiro

Social Media Marketing

Nina ran social media at Polaroid for five years prior to becoming a digital marketing consultant. She enjoys working with small business, start-ups, and entrepreneurs developing and executing digital strategies.

Catie Daus

Search Engine Marketing

Catie has spent her career working as a digital marketing professional and found her passion working with PPC Ads. With numerous Google Ads certifications, Catie's desire is to help companies grow their market presence and revenue through strategic planning and tactical execution of lead generation marketing programs.

Greer Temnick

Content Strategy

Greer is a content strategist and organic social media specialist with ample NYC agency experience. She has developed and elevated the creative direction of brands in various industries including fashion, lifestyle, fitness, hospitality, food and drink, and beauty. Greer’s passion lies in conveying stories through writing, design, photography and videography.

Jackie Coffin

Senior Project Manager

Jackie Coffin has over six years of marketing experience. She specializes in social media content creation and strategy, email marketing and project management. She has extensive experience in the healthcare, travel, and technology industries. Most recently, she has been working with women-owned businesses, fashion, and tech..

Khaleelah Jones 

Digital Marketing Consultant 

Khaleelah Jones has a PhD in emerging media, an MBA from Quantic University and has worked in the marketing industry for over a decade. Having started her career with startup Living Social, she worked her way up to head of marketing at WellTok Inc, where she was part of a team that doubled the user base in six months and closed $18m in Series B funding. She has been a freelance consultant for the past five years and has worked with 40+ companies on digital strategy, SEO, paid search and social media. She now lives in London with her husband and loves yoga, reading and Russian history.

Prakhar Raj

Performance Marketing

Prakhar Raj has worked in the digital marketing world for 5 years. He has deep experience in performance marketing channels in E-commerce, Automotive,  BFSI, Information Technology industries where he used to manage end goals for different global brands and  handled all paid media channels in user acquisition & retargeting for  incremental growth in business.


Our Team