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Our boutique agency is comprised of marketing consultants who are subject matter experts.

Together, we have over 100+ years of experience combined

and have won numerous industry awards for our work.

We are passionate about the digital landscape and stay at the forefront of innovation.

We are teachers, coaches and avid practitioners -

but most of all, we are committed to delivering results for our clients.

Sharon Lee Thony Consulting

Sharon Lee Thony

Founder & Principal

Sharon is a brand management executive and digital marketing expert, with nearly two decades of experience creating award-winning marketing campaigns for travel, beauty and lifestyle brands at P&G, Unilever, MasterCard, and Johnson & Johnson. Sharon formerly led marketing at COMO Hotels & Resorts, Triumph Hotels and Girl Scouts. Sharon teaches Digital Marketing at General Assembly and has earned an BA from New York University and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Shevene Lovindier

Web Design & Development

Shevene is a web designer and coder, specializing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Her design style is to develop sites that are responsive, simple and user-friendly. She has had the pleasure of working on a number of projects internationally, remotely and in-house for companies, startups, and charities. All of these wonderful  and varied experiences have helped her to build on her design expertise, keeping her up to speed with industry standards and new innovations.

Nina Shapiro

Social Media Marketing

Nina ran social media at Polaroid for five years prior to deciding to break out on her own as a digital marketing consultant. She enjoys working with small business, start ups, and entrepreneurs developing and executing digital strategies to help them achieve their business objectives. Nina also serves as the Chief Social Officer at Bridge Figures, a new human rights organization that uses social media to provide support for local artists, activists, and journalists in their work for social change.

Catie Daus

Google Ads & Amazon PPC

Catie has spent her career working as a digital marketing professional and found her passion working with PPC Ads. With numerous Google Ads certifications, Catie's desire is to help companies grow their market presence and revenue through strategic planning and tactical execution of lead generation marketing programs. In her free time, she is passionate about volunteering at her local animal shelter and enjoys the outdoors exploring her new home in Colorado.

Jenée Naquin

Content Strategy

Jenée has been creating and curating content before it was even a thing. Trained as a graphic designer in 2002, then a handbag designer shortly thereafter, Jenee naturally gravitated to digital marketing because of its ability to convey stories and branding through imagery. With a keen eye for aesthetics and charming storytelling, she now engages in branding and content creation for businesses on digital platforms. She’s also an active contributor to blogs about fashion, travel, and lifestyle.


Business Development

Spiderman began his digital marketing career with an Instagram account. He learned a few social media tricks and from there, fell in love with digital marketing. He has a nose for sniffing out great partners, listening for the latest trends and keeps his eyes focused on innovation. Although he's only been in the business for 2.5 years, he is extremely loyal, eager to learn and works hard to please clients. Spiderman's passions include belly rubs, sitting for treats and chasing squirrels.

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