A Holiday Gift Guide with Something for Everyone

It’s not easy shopping for everyone when they don’t just lay out what they want in front of you, so allow us to offer a helping hand. Here, you’ll find an eclectic collection of gift ideas inspired by clients of SLTC. So whether you have fitness and fashion buffs at home, beauty or health-conscious fanatics, foodies, or even looking for a gift that could inspire someone to do great things in life - we’ve got it all. Happy Shopping!

For the Die Hard Fashion Lovers

Especially for someone who isn’t as into fashion as others, you might find it hard to please when gifting them something you think they might like. But don’t fret! We’ve got the gift for your fashion lover right here.


Photo provided by North Gens

It’s the perfect marriage between affordable style and comfort. Shop North Gens collection of boots, shoes, and sandals as they are sure to satisfy the fashion-savvy. Keep an eye out for upcoming holiday sales and giveaways on Instagram or by signing up for their newsletter.

Don’t Sweat It, Just Get It!

Fitness fans looove new gear. Above all, gear that makes them feel good; and like they can take on the next American Ninja Warrior championship. So gift them something they crave that will motivate and push them to their limit.


Photo provided by GRT Active

Specially crafted and tested by 5-time Ironman athlete, Matthew Thomson, GRT Active gives fitness and off-terrain adventure buffs the confidence to dive right into even the toughest workouts. With high-performance Protect-Tech, this kind of gear can stand up to anything. Shop GRT Active.

Beautifully Bedazzled

Nothing says “you mean the world to me” more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. And for those fashion lovers, jewelry could be a statement piece that pulls together their entire outfit. Either way, more often than not, jewelry is a safe bet to show your love this holiday season.


Photo provided by Erica Weiner

Friends, Lindsay and Erica craft original pieces and collect antiques with an eye towards the weird, esoteric, and rare. They especially seek out jewels that have a quirky origin to make their trinkets extra unique for those who really love to stick out from the crowd.

Health Wellness and Beauty for All

Let’s face it. Whether you’re a man or woman, maybe somewhere in between or outside of those two - we don’t judge - health, wellness and beauty could be anyone's game. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So, if you have someone in mind who loves a little self-care or just plain old deserves it, here are a few options for that someone.


Photo provided by HETIME

Here to reshape the way men think about skincare. Seriously, have you ever asked a guy how they wash their face? Do they look at you like you have 15 heads and say, “Soap?”. Well HETIME is here to help change that because just like everyone else, men’s skin and self-care matter, too. Shop HETIME and follow them on Instagram for the latest on holiday perks and new product announcements, hint hint.


Photo provided by Pura Vida Naturals

Starting from the inside out, Pura Vida Naturals offers the perfect balance of health and beauty. Collagen drinks and powders give self-care enthusiasts a great way to easily add hydration into their morning routine resulting in glowing skin, and strong hair and nails to boot. Shop Pura Vida Naturals and follow them on Instagram for more on new product launches and beauty tips.


Photo provided by Fempower Beauty

Fempower, an activist-based beauty brand determined to make a difference in how the beauty industry has dictated how people should look and behave in society. Gift Fempower and give the power to anyone who uses it to use it with the purpose in making them feel good for themselves and no one else. Shop Fempower products and their Give Back the Power collection to make a different with your holiday gifting this year.

Speaking of Empowering Others


Photo provided by Etre Girls

At a young age, a significant number of girls roughly between the ages of 8 and 17 will either lose self-confidence, drop out of sports, or complete lose interest in male-dominating industries such as computer science. Etre Girls is on a mission to inspiration and empower every young girl to reach their fullest potential. Gift the Etre Girls book packed with Insta-style fun and stories of women and girls who aim to break through the glass ceiling as we know it today.

Aromatic Goodness


Photo provided by Mise en Scènt

Challenge: Tell me you can’t think of one person you know that doesn’t love candles. If you say no one, I’ll believe you but it’ll take some convincing. Even if it’s just for the decor and not the burn, these movie-inspired candles are a gift that any movie-critic will love. Shop Mise en Scènt’s Movie Genre Collection.

Foodie Must-Haves


Photo provided by NibMor

Short for Nibble More, NibMor crafted delectable, better-for-you organic dark chocolate treats and powdered drinks for the “I need chocolate” person in your life. Shop their collection of traditional and not-so-traditional flavors like Wild Maine Blueberry, Tart Cherry, Peppermint, and more for a fun little stocking stuffer.


Photo provided by Green Grape

Brooklyn’s favorite gourmet grocery has gift baskets and can ship them anywhere in the US! And what’s a better way to win over a foodie’s heart than to pack out a gift with unique, artisanal goodies? This is it, really. You can even customize the basket to fit everything you know your foodie friends or family members will love. Shop Green Grape’s gift baskets and more to make a tasty spin to your holiday gifting and save 15% off your first order by using code SLT15 at checkout.

Ready, Set, Go!

We hope you found this holiday gift guide helpful! While we created this with the holidays in mind, these are all gifts that could please for a unique birthday or anniversary gift, too. For those of you who want to create your own holiday gift guide, now’s the time! Check out one of our favorite how-to’s by Nicolette Styles.

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