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Collective Insights for 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

2022 is (again) shaping up to a year unlike any other for digital marketers. Social commerce has flourished since the Pandemic, Facebook is now Meta, and brands are searching for innovative ways to leverage TikTok to engage their target audiences. With so many changes and unexpected challenges, many small businesses are beginning to approach marketing like a game of roulette–placing bets on platforms, tactics, and messaging in an attempt to win big. However, any digital marketer worth their salt will tell you that there is no “quick fix” marketing strategy, and blindly following trends can cost you revenue and consumer trust.

This is why it is more important than ever to have a team of experts that can help guide your decision-making. Industry experts with insider knowledge and a tactical mindset can help you invest your time and money where it counts. While there is no crystal ball that tells us what the future holds, our past experiences can help you make informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize profits–resulting in steady growth you can depend on year after year.

We polled our team and wanted to surface some interesting and perhaps unexpected insights for the year ahead.

SLT Expert Panel Discusses Expectations for 2022

Joel Davis:

Consider incorporating crypto/blockchain tech into UX/UI

Our designer Joel Davis encourages brands to integrate crypto and blockchain now to avoid joining the game late.

"Most articles are saying that we're a few years out from broad blockchain integration into day-to-day life, but I think it's likely to happen quickly. I am seeing many efforts to do this NOW."

Kassie Phillips:

Look to invest in CTV advertising

Our Head of Strategy Kassie Phillips states that the popularity of streaming video offers exciting and profitable advertising opportunities.

"I think there's potential for CTV. It allows clients the experience of having 'commercials' but in a way that integrates with digital marketing and provides the same data as digital channels as opposed to traditional TV. Although the buy-in price is high (at about $25k/month), it is worth the investment for companies with the budget and looking to scale."

Tris Howard:

Prepare for the potential demise of Facebook

Paid Social expert Tris Howard states that Facebook's poor customer support, targeting restrictions, and aging demographic will be its demise.

"My bold (and possibly controversial) prediction is the demise of Facebook. Maybe not entirely, and certainly not just in 2022, but something radical needs to change in their organization. They are not the most popular platform in general, and their user base is getting older. Plus, they do not have the attraction and pull that other platforms, like TikTok, do with younger generations. Couple this with Apple's privacy issues and advertiser frustration with their lack of customer service, and things do not bode well for the company. I can see more marketers and their clients moving to other platforms where they gain a bigger market share with youth and influencers."

Supal Desai:

Capitalize on the benefits of TikTok growth

Organic Social Media expert Supal Desai says TikTok continues to be underestimated by many brands.

"I'm seeing TONS of influencer campaigns on TikTok. More than ever before. I've not been targeted with ads just yet, but the influencer campaigns I've seen are very strategic. FB is becoming less and less popular, and its ads are harder to control. TikTok is certainly where I see the most traffic, and it's what I'm recommending in strategies and pitch conversations for most clients."

Ramp Up 2022 with Strategic Moves for Your Brand

As things change, your company should adapt accordingly. Here at SLTC, our expert team can help you make the right moves for your company.

SLTC boasts a wide range of educational backgrounds and over 200 years of combined marketing experience in Google, eCommerce, social media, and email marketing. Contact us today, and let's discuss how we can help you reach your unique business goals.


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