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Welcome to the Next Chapter of SLTC!

We are thrilled to announce that SLT Consulting has been acquired by Fiverr! Fiverr’s mission is to change how the world works together. As a company that is rooted in collaboration, connection and innovation, SLT Consulting is excited for this opportunity to scale and grow our business with a market leader that aligns with our values.

When I first founded SLT Consulting, I knew that I wanted to build something special and different. My vision was to cultivate a community of talented individuals, who could not only provide great work to our clients, but would also become a network of experts for each other, from which we could each learn, grow and hone our skills. Less than two years later, we’ve achieved that and so much more. SLT Consulting has become a trusted, digital marketing partner for businesses of all sizes - from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Whether launching new brands, revamping websites, pivoting clients through COVID-19 or discovering innovative ways of reaching audiences across digital marketing platforms, we've had a lot of fun doing it - together.

With the support of Fiverr, we get to keep doing what we love, with the clients and the consultants that we love, in a much bigger way.

Fiverr has been a big part of our agency DNA. When I first started freelancing, it was on Fiverr.

My first Fiverr project was the creation of an Instagram Ads course for their online training platform, Learn from Fiverr.

I started as a Fiverr Seller with Gigs for a few hundred dollars, got a few great reviews and started to increase my prices. I was also verified as a Fiverr Pro, which helped me to build credibility with potential clients (Buyers) and secured the support of a customer success representative at Fiverr who taught me to treat my Gigs as a business.

Offline, I expanded my client portfolio and grew SLT Consulting using a lot of the knowledge I had learned online through Fiverr. The basic fundamentals of what helped me to get great reviews on Fiverr also helped us to gain great clients at the agency. The team that I recruited all had to be “do-ers.”

While SLT Consulting was expanding, Fiverr was doing some pretty neat stuff too - and we were totally there for it.

Fiverr invited me to a photoshoot for their new brand campaign. A few months later, my face was featured all over NYC and other cities:

Fiverr 2019 brand campaign, Fiverr Connections

Fiverr invited me to their IPO at the New York Stock Exchange. That morning, we learned that we would be the ones ringing the bell (that’s me in the yellow dress):

CEO Micha Kaufman and members of the Fiverr community at the New York Stock Exchange.

Each time we were invited to participate in one of Fiverr’s initiatives, they blew us away with how much bigger things could be. They showed us what was truly possible.

Today, SLT Consulting has accepted the invitation to continue our incredible journey of growth, in partnership with Fiverr. Fiverr is a global, online platform for digital services that connects Buyers (clients) with Sellers (freelancers) in over 160 countries.

As the head of an agency who cares deeply about our clients and my team, I see this partnership as a way for us to tap into a wide variety of freelance talent around the world and to expand our services to better satisfy our clients’ needs, without sacrificing quality or our existing relationships. We will have support, access and resources to create new ways of working together - with our clients and with each other.

It has been such a joy to grow my Fiverr Gigs into a consulting business and to transform that business into a full-fledged agency, with a team of incredibly talented individuals and companies that we absolutely admire. We are so excited to start this new chapter with Fiverr, to continue to create great things for our clients and the world, and to support the mission of changing how the world works together.

Please contact us here with any questions or to learn more about what we do.


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