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Shopify: eCommerce Superhero pt. 2

Shopify is the #1 eCommerce platform for businesses for a reason (well, many reasons). More Than 1.75 Million Merchants Sell on Shopify. Why?

Sites created using Shopify have built-in SEO optimization features that help to increase ranking, traffic, and revenue. When it comes to interacting directly with your customers, Shopify allows you to set up custom campaigns, send emails from your domain, and easily manage your lists. And if you use an existing email provider, Shopify makes it easy to integrate.

From a channel standpoint, Shopify’s multichannel integration capabilities are unmatched. The platform provides the ability to easily integrate Google Merchant center, shoppable social media, eCommerce marketplaces, and DTC shopping carts all together in one place for a deeper look into the sales happening in real-time.

At SLTC, we know the value of building a user-friendly website and how that build can directly lead to impactful paid social and Shopify-driven email campaigns (as exhibited in Digital Agency Network’s “Best Fashion & Retail Marketing Agencies in the US with Great Portfolios”). As a proud Shopify partner, we are committed to utilizing the platform to achieve growth for our partners. There are so many incredible features that we even wrote another blog highlighting the additional benefits of the platform! Let’s continue our deep dive into the benefits of Shopify.

Shopify’s Multi-Channel Advantage

When you think of eCommerce, you probably instinctively think of a website, right? Well, there’s a powerful new player in the commerce space gunning for that top-of-mind spot: social commerce.

According to a recent study, around half of all US social network users ages 18 to 34 will make at least one social commerce purchase in 2022. Because social media platforms are already mobile optimized and bring the shopping experience right to the customer in-platform, it streamlines the checkout process and allows for easier sales.

Shopify’s multichannel integration capabilities allow you to manage social commerce in tandem with the other channels in your commerce stack. This includes marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay as well as shopping comparison channels, like Google Shopping. Having the ability to manage inventory, logistics, pricing, and sales data for all of these channels in one place makes Shopify a no-brainer for business efficiency.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage Shopify for social commerce growth, join us at the Shopify NYC Store on June 17th!

The Power of Email

Email marketing is the place where you can make deeper connections with your customers, connect them to other parts of your business, and gain valuable insights through A/B testing. It is also the place where you can gain new customers, or win back existing customers, making it a pivotal tool for revenue growth.

While important, email marketing isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re struggling to find the right email designs, increase CTR/open rates, store email data, or dedicate the time to create custom emails from scratch, you’re not alone.

Shopify’s email marketing capabilities make it easier for you to create and manage your email marketing campaigns. You can design branded emails easily through customizable templates and connect your campaigns directly to products and inventory in your Shopify store.

Looking for efficiency? Emails can be easily automated with pre-selected conditions, triggers, and actions. Automations are active in just a few clicks. Plus, you’ll have full visibility into all of your email data and how it connects back to sales, traffic, inventory, and insights from the rest of your Shopify dashboard.

For example, take a look at our work with Pura Vida. Not only did we build an easy, shoppable website with subscription and customer review functionality using Shopify, but we also leveraged Shopify’s email capabilities by integrating Pura Vida’s existing platform, Klaviyo. This work resulted in 10K new email subscribers and raised product subscription revenue to 50% of total revenue.

We can’t talk about email without reiterating that avoiding cart abandonment is critical to eCommerce revenue growth. But rest assured, Shopify has an ideal tool to help reduce it.

In fact, a recent study found that abandoned cart emails can reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%, and increase online sales by almost 20%. Shopify’s built-in cart abandonment features store abandoned cart data for 3 months. After accessing that data, you can easily manually or automatically retarget those customers in new campaigns and view results in real-time.

TL;DR: Shopify’s email marketing capabilities are easy to use, time-saving, and can directly correlate to an increase in revenue. What’s better than that?!

Ready to Take the Plunge?

At SLTC, we believe strongly in the value of strategy, efficiency, and partnership. We’ve chosen Shopify as one of our leading partners because they allow us to provide those values to our clients.

If you are looking to take your eCommerce game to the next level, contact us here to book a discovery call.


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