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Every Day is a Reason to Celebrate

We are thrilled to share that SLTC was a Winner at the 14th Annual Shorty Awards for Media Buying Strategy On A Shoe-String!. 🏆 Congratulations to the full team, including Sharon Lee Thony, Kassie Phillips, Nina Shapiro, Nina Pearl, Calum Handley, and Joel Davis, for their efforts and innovative work. Most of all, a heartfelt thanks to our clients at BBX whose trust in us has outlasted the pandemic.

The Objective

As 2020 was coming to a close, Betsy & Adam came to us with a 10k budget, a 3-month timeline, and a challenge for Q1 of 2021….

The brand’s tagline “Find the perfect dress for your special occasion” had served it well in previous years, but 2020 hit different. With in-person celebrations canceled indefinitely & mall traffic significantly down, sales were dwindling - and COVID wasn’t looking to let America (and celebrations) get back to normality anytime soon: “we need to increase web sessions, sales, basket value, everything needs to go up and quick…we need a strategy please!”

Prom & wedding seasons are everything to high-schoolers, brides-to-be, their families, and to Betsy & Adam’s bottom line. They are the occasions where you simply need to wear that dress.

Prior to 2021, revenue was reliant on sales generated through retailers via in-store traffic, but with the sustained impact of COVID, the accompanying mall closures, minimized foot traffic, and cancellation of proms and weddings, the 2021 outlook was glum - to say the least.

What does prom look like this year? Do I even need a beautiful dress this Spring? Are we celebrating anything anymore?!


The Strategy

It was simple:

We needed more control over the brand's sales funnel – so we expanded our sales strategy to include direct-to-consumer sales in the channel mix by enabling e-commerce on the Betsy & Adams website.

We needed to challenge the feeling that celebrations were over, or at least muted, and that “dress-up” was on hold for 2021 – so our messaging centered around celebrating any occasion, for any reason, as every day is a reason to celebrate.

We needed to be where our customers are – so we leveraged engagement data across our client's core social channels to implement a mixed channel approach to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for discovery, inspiration, and purchase.

We needed to fully capitalize on all traffic generated by ensuring that our Marketing Automation & CRM was firing on all cylinders.


The Results

Our solid messaging and targeting strategy, effective optimization through test and learn campaigns, paired with meticulous budget management, delivered outstanding results.

  • Web Sessions: +74% (vs previous quarter)

  • Email subscribers: +100% (vs previous quarter)

  • Average Order Value: +36% (vs. previous quarter)

  • Purchases: + 109% (vs. previous quarter)



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