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See our 2023 Shorty Awards submission
We are thrilled to share that SLTC has entered the 15th Annual Shorty Awards for Retail & Commerce! Stay tuned for updates when finalists and winners are announced!

The Objective

In 2022 the world was returning to a sense of “normal,” and in-person events were back in full force.

From Homecoming and Prom to weddings and galas, we know the excitement of a big event and the feeling of turning heads when you enter a room. With that in mind, we had a mission to make shopping for evening wear online easier and more inclusive than ever.

Motivated by the belief that fashion belongs to everyone and everyone deserves to look and feel their best, we set out to ensure everybody who bought a Betsy & Adam dress would feel like the main character. And we wanted to elevate Betsy & Adam as the go-to shop for special occasions along the way, like a trusted friend.

We saw our opportunity as two-fold; we would use social media to reach new audiences while using our other channels to celebrate and nurture our long-standing relationships.


The Results

We achieved incredible success with aesthetic, well-coordinated campaigns and an emphasis on connecting with and nurturing our loyal customers.

Overall Results:

  • 510k Website visits | 57% increase year over year

  • 8,809 Orders | 332% increase year over year

  • 470 Plus Size Dresses Sold | 480% increase year over year

  • Over seven figures in revenue | 360% increase year over year

Social Advertising Wins:

  • Over 500k unique users reached

  • 700 purchases

  • Consistent ROAS of 7.5X or higher year-round

Email Wins:

  • 59% of the total e-commerce revenue

  • 11,000 new subscribers

SMS Wins in 60 days:

  • 1,325 subscribers

  • $100k in revenue


Want to see the Strategy that got us these incredible results? See our full submission on the Shorty Awards website!


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