Erica Weiner

Paid Social; Email Marketing; Paid Search; Pinterest

Erica Weiner is a well-known brand with a cult-like following. Like many companies, they shifted their business model from offline to online and needed their digital presence and customer experience to meet their new business needs.


Their original business model focused on selling original jewelry pieces at modest price points (in-person) and they began shifting towards selling ultra expensive antique pieces exclusively online.

The challenge we partnered with them to overcome was finding a new customer base that has an interest in antique jewelry as well as the required income range to purchase such pieces—all without physically being able to touch, feel and experience the product for sale.


To help them in this transition, we developed a robust CRM program that both nurtures their current audience and leverages their lists in Facebook/Instagram to find new customers using look-a-like audiences.


We succeeded in launching the Metamorphosis Sale, where we helped generate 3x the goal amount in sales within a 5-day window, using Email Marketing & Facebook/Instagram. We are continuing our partnership with the Erica Weiner team by launching and supporting on a similarly structured sale come this fall.