We approached this project by targeting and communicating to our American audiences. Knowing that young, engaged consumers provide opportunity for honest and helpful feedback—feedback that can help us to grow the brand, we began engaging this target audience through education and sales tactics.



They were challenged with establishing a brand identity—one that housed their sub-brands and was able to grow brand awareness and a loyal following of their own. When we were brought on to the project as partners, they had the goal of selling boots during the summer months.

Channels & Tactics

Social Media Advertising:

Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns prospecting for website traffic, sales and retargeting.

Email Marketing:

Our tactics have grown their email list from close to 0 to nearly 1000 people (and we are still growing!). 


+ 660 IG & FB in 2 months


+ 1000 Subscribers in 2 months


North Gens is a Canadian shoe brand that houses several fashion lines, including Beffon, Hotmarzz and AU&MU.