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Hero Products in the Beauty Industry & How to Market Them

Various cosmetic and beauty products.

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen-Alpha consumers are always seeking new beauty products to enhance their features and boost their confidence. Many beauty brands thrive on a standout hero product that not only attracts new customers but also ensures the loyalty of their existing ones. In this blog post, we'll unravel the secrets behind the success of these hero products in the beauty industry and dive into effective marketing strategies that will ensure continuous success.

With any product, it’s crucial to understand your customer’s pain point and how your product is the solution. For example, Bobbi Brown created the Miracle Balm to help restore moisture in the face. Bobbi Brown understood her customers’ pain point, created a product to fix it, and marketed the product as an item that her customers needed. In the beauty industry, consumers actively look for products that address features they wish to improve or enhance, shaping a landscape where success hinges on strategically aligning with these aspirations.

Bobbi Brown's Miracle Balm

Moreover, cultivating trust through transparency in product ingredients and sourcing practices is crucial. Similar to what we mentioned in our last blog, it’s important to be sustainable and ethical. Brands targeting Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen-Alpha must exhibit transparency and ethical practices, knowing that conscientious consumers prefer supporting businesses that prioritize fair treatment of their workers. To add on, beauty products that are vegan or sustainably made are loved by many consumers because they know that they are not compromising environmental well-being. An example is Summer Fridays, a brand known for its Jet Lag Mask, Lip Butter Balm, and commitment to vegan and cruelty-free formulations.

Enviro- and Eco-friendly icons.

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become significant spaces for marketing, where authentic customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC) play a crucial role. When real customers share positive experiences with a product, it builds trust. In fact, over nine out of ten customers (95%) read product reviews before purchasing something. Additionally, 58% of these shoppers say they are willing to pay more for products that have good reviews. Many consumers now view reading reviews as part of their buying journey (Luisa Zhou). 

Graph illustrating that 95% percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

With all of this being said, let’s take a closer look into iconic hero products, their journey, and what each brand did well in marketing them:

  • Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Serum, also known as "ANR," has achieved remarkable popularity in the beauty industry. Described on Estee Lauder's website as a deep-penetrating face serum, ANR boasts an exclusive 1-in-60-million Night Peptide, triggering seven-night renewal actions that visibly reduce signs of aging. The promise of smoother, younger, and healthier-looking skin and influencers consistently endorsing its benefits on social media has solidified ANR as a go-to product for those seeking a radiant complexion.

  • Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer, launched in 2016, continues to reign as an iconic beauty product after eight years. Through lavish brand trips and influencer reviews, Tarte strategically maintains its product's allure. Leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, especially through influencers, has proven to be a successful strategy for Tarte, ensuring the concealer remains relevant and continues to generate hype in the beauty industry.

  • YouthForia's BYO Blush stands out with its unique ability to adapt to one's pH and deliver a flattering pink shade. Positioned as makeup that you can sleep in, YouthForia harnessed the power of social media to showcase the blush on individuals with different skin tones. The brand's appearance on Shark Tank propelled it to fame, and Youth Foria has utilized this exposure in its marketing efforts. Creating sale events around their Shark Tank feature is a strategic move, showcasing credibility and enticing new customers to explore their products.

Various beauty and cosmetic products.

In conclusion, the beauty industry's pursuit of standout hero products hinges on a strategic blend of marketing finesse, resonance with consumer desires, and a commitment to transparency and ethical practices. As consumers embark on their beauty journeys, the magnetism of hero products and compelling marketing narratives emerge as the driving force propelling brands toward long-term success.


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